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we learned a lot from this "dateline" special. how did michelle's family react? >> reporter: her cousin said this process was like a therapy for her. and now this is where it all began, the kaiser parking garage where she was last seen. more than a year and a half later, the family speaking about the evidence they saw that pointed investigators in the right direction of michelle's killer. >> you really just want to go into the screen and grab her and protect her. >> reporter: the final moments of michelle's life, captured on camera. >> the last minutes of her life is hard to see. >> reporter: through skype, her cousin christine says it was just as hard to see the rest to have evidence. police showed the family everything. among the footage,e even stealig
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a key card. >> the announce of premeditation mind her murder was shocking. >> reporter: also, we saw footage from the interrogation. >> you don't like her? >> yeah, that's evident. that's very clear. >> how would you classify your dislike for her? >> what do you mean? i just dislike her. i don't -- >> i mean, do you hate her, do you want to see something bad happen to her? >> no. i just want her to stay away from my child. >> reporter: he describes her as cooperative but annoyed. >> it's always with missing persons, you're never doing enough. >> reporter: the police worked with michelle's family as they worked tirelessly to find her. >> it was more the -- like i say, the family putting it out there, getting it on social media and things like that, and
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it became a national story. >> hopefully one family out there who has a loved one missing won't feel so alone. >> reporter: now, the family members have not talked with the accused killer and said there's no desire to. but some of them say what's moving them forward is keeping michelle's legacy alive by helping other families. >> stephanie, thank you. it was difficult to watch. and janell wang spoke one on one with keith morrison about this investigation. so watch it, go to just in, oakland police are investigating the city's fourth homicide in a single day. this late rest shooting happened around 8:15 tonight on hillside street, not far from bishop high school. the man pronounced dead at the
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scene. it's oakland's sixth homicide of the new year, all of them happened this week. the intensifying fight over gun control is national. but tonight, it becomes very local. a gun show is the focus of people on both sides of the issue. jean elle has more on what's expected this weekend. >> reporter: thousands of people concerned about maintaining their gun rights are expected to come here to the cow palace for a gun show tomorrow, and will be met by people who live in the neighborhood, people who want gun shows here banned. >> it will be 18 years in april. i've been doing this, my little brother been dead 18 years. >> reporter: shawn richards started brothers against guns after his brother was shot and killed in 1995. he's still fighting to get guns off the street because violence continues. >> they say in the bay area, san francisco, oakland, where the murder rate is high every year and young folks are losing their
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lives consistently. it's ridiculous. >> reporter: at the cow palace, preparations are under way for a weekend gun show. thousands from around the state are expected to attend as the obama administration talks about new gun control laws after the deadly newtown school shooting. >> our aten dance is roughly doubled, in some cases more than doubled as people -- as guns are in the news and people are concerned about their second amendment rights going forward. >> we don't see any action and no change. >> reporter: richard is concerned about the gun shows contributing to local violence. >> you have those individuals that go out and buy guns for cheap at the gun shows and bring them to the community and sell them for more. >> reporter: richard has been fighting for a ban on gun shows for years. >> but the gun show keeps coming back. >> reporter: senator leno is a partner in the fight. >> finally, we got the bill to
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arnold schwarzenegger's desk and he vetoed it. >> reporter: with a different governor in office and a new national view on gun violence, leno is willing to try again. >> i think the time is right. >> now it's on the president's table. >> reporter: richard is hoping years of effort will pay off and change the reality on the street. >> it's so easy to get a gun, it's ridiculous. >> reporter: brothers against guns will be out here tomorrow once again demanding an end to the gun shows here at the cow palace, a demand he's hoping state leaders will meet. reporting live, jean elle, nbc bay area news. the weekend is here, and so is the hype. a scarlet and gold skyline on the eve of the playoff game between the 49ers and packers. looks beautiful. about the only thing the two teams have in common, the weather. 40 degrees in san francisco and in green bay.
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jeff is here. where do we go from here? >> maybe it will throw them off the game but not going to happen. let's look at the current temperatures right now. sure, it's not below zero, but this is cold. widespread 30s in the north bay. and 38 in cupertino. we have this freeze warning in the northeast. interior valleys will be the coldest. this will likely kill your plants and take your pets indoors as we are looking at prolonged temperatures below 32, at least several mornings in a row, the next two to three mornings. slightly warmer temperatures, just can't rule out some areas of frost that may develop in these locations. also tonight, a very rogue thunderstorm cell fire up across the east bay hills. few vorts of hail.
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we are looking at clearing weather for the weekend. we'll have the 49ers forecast coming up. it looks like it hopefully will get a little interesting out there in the field by this weekend. >> jeff, see you shortly. new at 11:00, two homes in san jose housed big secrets until now. acting on a tip, investigators served search wants on the two homes yesterday. this is the south part of san jose. inside, the shiff's marijuana enforcement team reportedly found more than $700,000 worth of marijuana. 300 plants and more than 40 pounds of processed pot. investigators say they found evidence that electricity was being stolen. two people have been arrested. investigators are trying to determine how a body ended up at a recycling center. tonight, we know the body belonged to a sonoma county resident who is not being
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identified. employees at the disposal service made the startling discovery while sifting through trash this afternoon. the body was reportedly dumped there by a garbage truck. no signs of visible trauma, but the investigation is ongoing. it was a dramatic courtroom confession. a man admitted to killing his own mother. at his arraignment, he sobbed, yelling from a wheelchair "i made guilty to everything i did. this is the third time." police say he first called on wednesday to confess to killing his 89-year-old mom. her body was found outside of his mom. just as troubling back in 1966, he confessed to the rape and murder of two 15-year-old girls. he was convicted of those crimes and sentenced to die. that sentence was reduced and he was paroled in 1990. it was a scary ride to say
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the least for dozens of students on an east bay school bus. two buses collided in clayton this afternoon. investigators say a total of 40 students were on board the buses when one of them rear ended the other. thankfully, there were no serious injuries. a peninsula man arrested for stealing a wallet. but it wasn't just anybody's wall wallet. >> i think the judge is probably trying to send a message. >> is it a harsh sentence or proper punishment? we'll have this unusual case. it might be your computer right now. it might be on that computer and the feds say you should disable it. the local product that might put you at risk. judgment day in a controversial case involving a pit bull that attacked a police horse. the animal's fate is decided. we're back in a moment. stay with us. good morning! wow.
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new tonight at 11:00, a stiff sentence. he stole a wallet and will now spend about a decade behind bars. while the punishment may seem harsh, the district attorney says it's fitting. george kiriyama joins us tonight with the story. george? >> reporter: that's right, raj. on the surface, 11 years may seem like a long time for stealing a wallet, but the d.a. says the burglar's past has a lot to do with it. >> i think it's a little excessive. >> reporter: 11 years in prison for stealing a man's wallet from his home. the district attorney says it may sound excessive, but he says the crime fits the punishment.
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this man has served time before, for robbery. >> it was that record he had is what made him number one, a second striker under our law that doubled his sentence because of the robbery and his overall record that included other burglaries. >> reporter: he says he went to the victim's home in redwood city and asked if he could retrieve a baseball from the backyard. >> the victim said certainly. the fellow goes in the backyard and says i don't see it here. comes back out and mr. sorenson realized his wallet was stolen. >> reporter: but this wasn't any man's wallet. of all the wallets in the county, he took the one that happened to belong to former long-time district attorney keith sorenson. he insists the fact the victim was a former d.a. had nothing to do with the length of the prison time. >> that person is just as important to us as a victim as every other person in the county. all the victims matter and all the robbers need to be in
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prison. >> reporter: he racked up about $1,000 in charges on credit cards. >> i think the judge is probably trying to send a message, and wake him up as to change his ways. >> reporter: now, i faulked to our nbc legal analyst steven clark tonight and he says that he will have to serve 85% of his prison term because this is a second strike. that means he will be in price op until the year 2022. that's nine years from now. george kiriyama, nbc bay area news. >> george, thank you. he'll live to see another day. charlie the dog has had his death sentence commuted. he was ordered to be euthanized after attacking a police horse last year. but thanks to an agreement between the owner and city, the dog's life will be spared. charlie will go to live with a rescue organization. more than 100,000 people had signed an online petition asking the city to spare the dog's life.
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a union city man escaped near death after being rescued from the bottom of a remote mineshaft in arizona early this morning. the rescue happened at the meteor crater mineshaft about 35 miles east of flagstaff, arizona. he allegedly scaled a seven-foot fence and jumped into the abandoned shaft, which is 100 feet deep. this happened yesterday afternoon. conditions for rescuers were brutal. pitch black, subzero temperatures and high winds. >> sometimes if you have somebody you know they're okay, you drop supplies down to them like we did in this case, maybe it's receiver for everybody if you wait till daylight. we didn't believe he would survive that long. >> a volunteer saw him jump and reported it to authorities. it took dozens of people hours to pull him to safety. he's in fair condition tonight. no word whether he will be charged with trespassing. here it comes. health leaders are declaring the
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flu outbreak as epidemic. maryland is suffering the most. more than 15,000 people have visited maryland emergency rooms and doctor's offices and many say supplies of the flu vaccine are running low. so far the outbreak has killed 20 people across the country. all of them children. health leaders are urging anyone who has. gotten a flu shot to get one. this year, the effectiveness of the flu shot is estimated to be 60%. she was colorful and uniquely san francisco and she was a twin. this week she died. vivian brown died in her sleep wednesday night. the twins were fixtures in union square and knob hill where they lived. considered unusual ambassadors for san francisco, they appeared in many ads. in person, they were quick with the seimultaneous smile or wave. and more than happy to post for
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pictures. >> the city is made up of icons and the brown twins represented part of that. >> i can remember many people stopping and asking for a picture. >> the mayor says the city is heart broken by the loss. vivian brown was 85 years old. let's bring in our chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. jeff, whenever we saw them in town, it brought a smile to your face. >> i know. before i even moved here i knew who they were and saw them on the streets. so it's definitely, you know, sad to see that. but what a great legacy she left behind. winds right now 5 to 10 miles per hour across the bay area. it's a very blustery and brisk wind. for bay area standards at this hour, that's about 5 to 7 degrees below averages.
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34 in napa. 41 in san jose. 44 currently in sunnyvale. the northeast and the south bay, freeze warnings in effect in those areas in purple. and a frost advisory near the bay. so those purple areas is where it's going to be most critical throughout tonight to make sure to cover up the sensitive plants and take the pets in. let's get you outside on this friday evening. it is clear after a very rogue, quick, brief down tour into parts of the south and east bay. we have dried out. dry weather as we continue throughout the weekend. excellent visibility in san francisco. that is alcatraz near the top of your screen. you can see the other city lights shining very bright. so let's take you into the weather picture here. the next 48 hours, we have warmer air out here, but it will stay well offshore. no sign of that until wednesday of next week. until then, we have this polar
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air getting dragged down by the jet stream, which is sinking, not only to southern california but down into mexico. so even if anyone was hoping to head there for a warm vacation, not going to happen. cold air will stick with us for tomorrow. also into sunday and monday and tuesday of next week. here's what it is going to mean for the temperatures for saturday morning. you're going to need the layers with wind. it's going to be hard to stay warm with just a jacket alone. 28 in livermore for your low. napa 28, gilroy 28 and concord 29. near record setting and a slight windchill will make it feel like the low and mid 20s. we have low 60s expected back into the east bay. redwood city 38. santa cruz at 35. typically the ocean helps to keep us warmer, but that's not even happening tonight with those 30s. it
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it's going to be an awesome day. temperatures in the 40s, if you're at home, hopefully you've got the heater going and you'll be nice and comfortable with whatever beverage you choose to use. so cold, brisk, but also sunny. so i think this is a weekend most people approve of. >> if you're visiting town, we're just not used this. >> we're weather wimps lately. coming up, the uproar over kate middleton's portrait. see what you think. we're back in a moment. as a mom, you spend a lot of time helping others.
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users to pay to log back into their own pcomputers. users should just disable the software in web browsers. some web companies are taking action by blocking it on their end. the bizarre saga of a silicon valley software pioneer is headed for the big screen. the hollywood reporter says warner brothers picked up the rights to john mcafee's last stand. the filmmakers behind the movie "crazy stupid love" will adapt that article for a movie. mcafee is a person of interest in the death of a neighbor in belize. he was deported to the united states after faking an illness. he says he's now broke. we're back in a moment to talk about the warriors big night and the 49ers. stay with us. oh!
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you are about to see an amazing nba performance by one oakland high school product right in his own backyard. but first, we're just hours away from the 49ers' first playoff game where things just got real this afternoon. we take you out to the hotel where green bay's players and coaches arrived this afternoon. our cameras was there when donald driver and company stepped off the bus. it's the second time they will play this season as the 49ers won in green bay in the first week of the season 30-22. this morning, san francisco wrapped up their last practice before that divisional playoff game and the players say they're right where they want to be. >> i feel like we had our best week of practice this week, execution, the energy, the focus. it was all there this week. you know, it was lacking sometimes during the week, during the regular season. but if you know the 49ers, we're
11:26 pm
a team that loves to play on primetime. and we love to win. we're enjoying the success that we have. i think that's why we've had such a good week. >> compared to last week, we really understand where we want to go and what we have to do to get there. the focus level has been way up and physically everybody is on it. how about the blazers and warriors in oakland. first quarter, lillard with the long three. second half, curry will steal it and go ahead to barnes. he will throw it down with a little bit of authority. clay thompson with the steal and slam. the warriors had a 15-point advantage going into the fourth and lillard took over. here he is driving, the tough
11:27 pm
bucket. he had 11 straight made shots at one point. curry driving and dishing to landry. a great night for lillard, but the warriors hang on for the win. >> just a heck of a basketball player that got hot. they spread the floor. he's very good in isolation and pick and rolls. when you spread the floor and got shooters up against him, it's tough. he makes it even tougher to defend him. >> it was great to see familiar faces out there. a lot of people that i grew up with, that i came across and just being in oakland, growing up as a kid, just to see that they're doing well and they came out to support. it felt good how much i impact people around me growing up. >> what a cool night for lillard. we caught up with his mom after the game. she said approximately 500 friends and family made it out
11:28 pm
to watch what was definitely the best game in the rookie's career. >> how do you get that many tickets? brody, we'll see you tomorrow. back in a moment. ♪ i'd like to thank eating right, whole grain, multigrain cheerios! my bowl, my spoons! mom, are those my jeans?
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a big unveiling in london today for the first official portrait of kate middleton. the reviews are in, and is often the case of artwork, the reviews are mixed. there it is. what do you think? she's said to be thrilled with her portrait. and a big night on sunday. the golden globes right here on nbc bay area. you can experience the telecast, the golden globes in a whole new way. download the ze,box app and use it to interact with other fans while you watch. so a big weekend. 49ers tomorrow night, the golden globe sunday night.
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have a great weekend. thanks for joining us. ♪
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>> jay: thank you very much. welcome to "the tonight show." nice to have you all here. thank you, thank you, thank you. well, folks, they are calling this the worst flu season in years. i just realized that after i shook hands with everybody in the audience. [ laughter ] here are the signs you may have the flu. this is what it said in the news today. you look weak, you look tired, you feel aches, you feel pain. you can't move, it's like you are playing for the lakers. [ audience oohs ] you know what i'm saying? >> rickey: aw! >> jay: you know what i'm saying? tough love, it's tough love. it's going to help them win. [ laughter ] >> rickey: that's right! that's right. >> jay: in fact, this flu season is so bad, hometown buffet has had to hire extra workers just to clean the sneeze guard. [ light laughter ] ♪ that's how bad it is. this flu season is so bad, charlie sheen is now cutting up lines of sudafed. that's how bad. [ laughter ] ♪ in fact, in beverly hills, many women are so sick, their noses are running and they're just
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